SN-Bolts Accessories

SN-Bolts Accessories

The SN-Bolts are used for mining, tunnelling and specialised civil engineering. The securing in a borehole is made by the mortar fill process where mortar is first added to the borehole, starting from the deepest level of the bore hole and then the anchor is driven into the fresh mortar.

JB Engineering Rock Bolts & SN BOLTS are used in various Hydro Power Projects, Road Projects and Projects of the similar nature to provide strength and durabilty FUSSION BONDED EPOXY COATED & GALVANIZED MATERIALS AVAILABLE as well.


  • Field-proven rock bolt system
  • Effective and standardized installation
  • Embedding of the tension member in grout guarantees optimal bond strength
  • Low sensitivity concerning the actual diameter of the anchor borehole
  • ALWAGRIP special rib geometry for optimized bond strength available on request
SN bolts

Componet Of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt

Threaded rods

Threaded Hollow Bar

Hollow Bars have a continuous external thread with an R (rope thread) or T (trapezoidal thread) profile.



Flexibility in length by using couples. A specially designed stopping system ensures that the coupler is correctly positioned on the bars to be coupled.


Nuts and plates

The plates and nuts are used to create the anchor head. There are straight nuts and spherical nuts, each with their appropriate plates.


Drill bits

Choice of drill bits for different ground conditions.