Hollow Rods - Bars / SDA Rods-Bars IN INDIA

SDA Bar In India is a bolting solution for different ground conditions including sand, gravel, silt, and clays, and in soft to medium fractured rock formations. Our drill bits are available in different designs and diameters and thread types. Our SDA Bar’s are compatible with most standard rock drilling equipment.

Self-drilling anchors are the advanced type of fully threaded hollow steel tube rods. SDA is a fully threaded rod with an inner and outer diameter hollow steel tube. It is provided with a sacrificial drill bit at the end to facilitate the drilling process, coupler to join two SDA bars, screw nut, base plate, etc. The hollow steel tube has one side sacrificial drill bit and, at another end, tied with nut and steel base plate. A hollow steel tube is placed in the center of the drill hole using a centralizer to maintain its position. The grout, which covers the SDA periphery, protects the SDA Rod under aggressive environment conditions with simultaneous grout ground and grout bar interaction throughout the threaded bond length. Self-drilling sacrificial drill varies based on the rock or soil conditions.

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Applications of SDA Rod

Slope stabilization

Self-Drilling Anchors are very suitable for weathered or un-consolidated rock stabilization. This technique is a more superior form of stabilization because the SDA technique is a relatively easy and fast method of installation compared to the outdated methods.

Foundations with micro piles

SDA Bar can be used like monopoles and micropile types because these are drilled piles composed of steel reinforcement with injected grout. These anchors are used like micropile type to stabilize the ground and related foundation problems. These anchors are suitable for tension and compression loads at varying ground conditions.


Self-drilling anchors bolts in India are most suitable for the stabilization of tunnel strengthening works. Mostly for the soft rock and overburden soil conditions, the SDAs are apt for rooftop protection.

The Below pictures describe the implementation of SDA as a reinforcing stabilization element for various works.
SDA Bar and Rod