DCP Anchors

Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) is a pre-grouted encapsulation of our steel tendons within a corrugated plastic sheath. Using DCP ensures durability and consistent long-term performance.

Our solutions are ideal for complicated engineering structures in need of immediate ground control with an enhanced lifespan. If an application has a service life greater than 24 months it is generally considered ‘permanent’ and should always have some type of corrosion protection incorporated into its design. The level of corrosion protection required is primarily dependent on the required service life and the aggressivity of the environment.

Self drilling anchor bolt is composed of hollow anchor bar, coupler, nut, drill bit, plate, and cen- tralizer. It can combine drilling, grouting and anchoring in one process. Self-drilling anchors are the advanced type of fully threaded hollow steel tube rods. SDA is a fully threaded rod with an inner and outer diameter hollow steel tube.

Jb Rock Bolts are the largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of all types of Double Corrosion Protection (DCP) in India.

Double corrosion protection anchor, for the anchorage (unbonded length) and fixed length, it is assumed that ground condition is aggressive and requires the multiple-barrier layers as proving material in the tendon for unbonded length. In addition, Encapsulate tendons are composed of individual grease-filled strand sheaths with grout-filled smooth sheaths used in unboned length. For bonded length, it is also assumed that there is an aggressive ground condition so that multiple barrier layers with encapsulation are provided across the full length.

 DCP anchors double corrosion

This type of anchorage system is used as a permanent anchor.

  • Used as a permanent anchor, which means last for a long duration. (up to 100 years).
  • Encapsulations, corrugated sheathing is used in both unbonded and boned length portions.
  • Double corrosion protection is achieved by using both encapsulations with strands that are greased and are individually protected.


  • Uplift control
  • Toe stabilization
  • Rock stabilization
  • Positional stability